Download the latest build here:

v0.7.6 - 06/17/2024

Minor release with a couple of major features!

  • Wave AI Sidebar - We’ve moved Wave AI into a right-hand sidebar that is persistent across tabs/workspaces. It can be toggled open using Cmd-Shift-Space. Easily ask questions and use the arrow keys to select blocks to execute directly in your terminal session (completely keyboard controllable). Note that Wave AI works with BYOLLM so you can easily hook it up to your own local model, or a different cloud model that you subscribe to.
  • New Auto-Complete - In beta, a new autocomplete system based on Fig’s class-leading autocomplete library, integrated with our universal shell history. To try it out, go to your settings and switch on “Command Autocomplete”.
  • Bug fix: bumped electron version, fixes auto-update bug on Linux (and more)
  • Other keybinding/focus related bug fixes

v0.7.5 - 05/02/2024

Quick patch release to fix a regression in v0.7.3 where when the completion info window popped up, the cmdinput lost focus (so you couldn’t actually complete files/directories). Similar regression which did not allow you to submit a command when the “info” window was open.

See v0.7.3 release notes.

v0.7.4 - 05/01/2024

Quick patch release to remove k8s context/namespace from prompt. Fixes a performance issue where the k8s context command might take multiple seconds to run (causing state altering commands to hang for that amount of time)

See v0.7.3 release notes.

v0.7.3 - 05/01/2024

New sudo support, better theming and keybinding support, with a ton of performance and usability updates (almost 70 PRs have gone into this patch release).

  • Sudo Support - Seamless sudo support (configurable in settings) for local/remote machines. (will follow-up with detailed documentation)
  • Multi-level terminal theming support — global, workspace, and per tab terminal themes (will follow-up with more detailed documentation)
  • Keybinding updates — including ability to register custom commands
  • Light mode fixes and cleanup
  • k8s namespace/context added to the prompt
  • Block context menu with easy access to copy command and/or output, or easily minimize, delete, or restart commands
  • AI: customizable timeouts for AI connections
  • AI: cleaned up labels/names now that our AI integration is not tied to Chat-GPT (BYOLLM support)
  • UI: light mode fixes and cleanup
  • UI: restyled command input box (removed background color / outline)
  • UI: restyled some of the command input auxiliary views to be more consistent
  • UI: new labels for dropdowns, correctly truncates longer values
  • UI: new native context menus for blocks and tabs for quicker access to some functionality
  • Internal: Ephemeral Command support to help drive background updates for the command prompt and future use for completions
  • Updated telemetry (fixed bug related to computer sleep, cut send time to 4-hours, added some additional metrics — docs will be updated)
  • Bug fix: git branch now updates correctly for zsh users when running “git checkout” or “git switch”
  • Bug fix: known_hosts bug fixes
  • Bug fix: codeedit keybindings
  • Bug fix: fix inline text edit check/confirm button to correctly save input
  • Bug fix: no longer showing spurious ptmx error
  • Bug fix: fixed app crash on long command input
  • Performance: return new blocks faster to the UI cutting down on render latency
  • Updated Electron to v30 (and other dependency updates)
  • Other assorted bug fixes, cleanup, and performance improvements

v0.7.2 - 04/01/2024

Minor release, focused on zsh improvements, keybinding support (beta), and more light mode cleanup.

  • Updated Shell Initialization Flow — now when a new tab is created we reinitialize the shell in an interactive block. This ensures a new tab is picking up current rc file changes, and it also allows for interactive input during initialization. Before, shell initialization in Wave might fail/hang if it required interactive input (e.g. “Do you want to update oh-my-zsh? (Y/n)”). This update fixes many types of shell initialization bugs that have been reported.
  • Many zsh fixes, including better zmodload support, better support for prompt variables, working on native prompts, fix accidental setting of readonly variables.
  • Custom Keybinding Support (beta) - currently implemented as a JSON file in ~/.waveterm/config/keybindings.json. Working on documentation, please see us in Discord if you want to help test.
  • Tab settings is now a pull-down. It automatically closes whenever you run a command (press “return”) in the cmdinput box.
  • Removed ability to click on “tab settings” for the non-active tab, now clicking anywhere on an inactive tab will switch to that tab.
  • Ordering and wording changes for initial “Welcome to Wave” modal.
  • Removed date picker from History (functionality was confusing, will return with better date range support)
  • Internal: shell state diff changes and improvements to handle new shell startup sequence
  • AI: bypass our cloudservers when an AI Base URL is set (allows for base URL support when no API key is specified)
  • AI: better prompt used for AI feature to be more compatible with Wave’s UI rendering
  • UI: light mode cleanup, other small UI fixes
  • UI: Theme selector now offers “Light”, “Dark”, and “System”. System will automatically switch between light/dark mode based on your system settings.
  • Left Nav Improvements: Offset icons, new scrollbars, etc.
  • Keybindings: fix “Escape” key to close main views and modals everywhere.
  • Bug fix: Fixed segfault when known_hosts file doesn’t exist or is empty
  • Bug fix: always create ~/.mshell/rcfiles directory on startup. Prevents an issue where that directory might created and owned by root when the first command run was run as “sudo”.
  • Bug fix: increased maximum size of AI Base URL to 200 characters
  • UI Bug fix: fixed some buttons which were still using the old button styles
  • Internal: tracking k8s context and namespace (will be added to custom Wave prompt in next release)
  • Internal: More flexible command input/output handling (“ephemeral” commands). Used to sync Wave’s prompt in the background when switching tabs (e.g. when the git branch may have been changed by a command in a different tab)
  • Internal: Testing WebGL support for terminal rendering (working through issues with dispose handler preventing turning setting on more widely)
  • Other assorted internal fixups and code reorganization
  • Other assorted typos, bug fixes, and improvements.

v0.7.1 - 03/15/2024

Minor release, mostly focused on cleanup for bugs and quirks that came up in the v0.7.0 release. It also contains two new plugins pdfview and mediaview which allow you to preview PDF files and play audio/video files inline right inside the terminal.

  • Light Mode — Fixes multiple bugs and quirks found and reported in v0.7.0 (including text selection and cursor color)
  • Various SSH/Connection bug fixes (error handling, non-secret interactive prompts, and made the ‘user’ optional)
  • pdfview [filename] allows inline viewing of PDF files
  • mediaview [filename] allows inline playing of audio or video files
  • Fix when red error highlight shows on blocks (no longer showing for commands that are killed with Ctrl-C (SIGINT) or from a SIGPIPE). Also fixes exit code displayed for commands that were killed via a signal
  • Converted more keybindings to use the new keybind manager. Any commands that have been migrated to the new keybind manager can have their keyboard shortcuts customized
  • Bug fix: fix the Bookmarks view (layout was broken)
  • Bug fix: some modals / main screens weren’t closing correctly when “ESC” was pressed
  • Bug fix: fix LANG environment variable on MacOS when user has a region selected
  • Bug fix: imageviewer now shows SVG images correctly
  • Other assorted typos, bug fixes, and improvements

v0.7.0 - 03/7/2024

Major Release of Wave Terminal, featuring a new UI, new connections backend, optional auto-update, Linux packages, light mode, and a lot of smaller features, fixups, and bug fixes. Over 100 pull-requests were merged since v0.6. We have the groundwork in place for customizable themes, full terminal font customization, and custom keybindings which all should arrive shortly in the v0.7.x series. The new connection framework will also enable us to deliver a new set of productivity features.

As always, we appreciate all feedback and suggestions. Please let us know what you think in Discord, file bugs/enhancements on Github, and give us a star on Github if you’d like to support us!

  • New UI - Moved to a cleaner, flat design. Less visual clutter, and updated colors to help you focus on the commands and output.
    • Left sidebar is now fully collapsible (for those who would like a cleaner terminal experience)
    • Command Input now extends the full width of the terminal. Moved hints/actions into icons at the top-right to keep more pixels for writing commands.
    • UI updates to “Wave AI” panel, and to our inline history search
    • Light Mode Theme (beta)
    • UI Updates for CodeEdit
    • Ability to change between “JetBrains Mono” and “Hack” font for terminal
  • Connections Overhaul - Connections have entirely been reworked to use Go’s standard crypto/ssh library instead of relying on the system’s ssh program. This means more predictable behavior across systems and fewer corner cases to handle. This fixes multiple connection related issues, and allows us to handle interactive logins in a much cleaner way using popups for password entry, OTPs, and other server input.
  • Auto-Update - Wave will now detect and download updates for MacOS and Linux (can be disabled in settings)
  • Linux Packages - New packages built for Linux, including .deb, .rpm, AppImage, and pacman
  • Bug fix: github #368, MacOS paths were getting reordered by MacOS’s “path_helper” program. Fixed zsh session restore sequence to properly exclude global RCS files.
  • Bug fix: github #304, show Conda environment in prompt
  • Bug fix: github #285, fixed full-screen mode
  • Bug fix: github #278, show a warning, and add new slashcommand /reset:cwd to help fix the terminal state when your cwd is deleted
  • Bug fix: github #330, fixed history dropdowns (using new dropdown code)
  • Bug fix: github #150, commands which exited with non-zero exit codes are now clearly shown with a red background
  • Bug fixes related to connections: github #179, github #300, github #289, github #145, github #95, github #286
  • Other assorted bug fixes, enhancements, and performance improvements

v0.6.3 - 02/19/2024

Patch release to fix github #302 which caused the last line of terminal output to be cut off for certain screen zoom settings (system zoom/resolution or in-app zooming.)

v0.6.2 - 02/14/2024

Quick patch release for a large zsh performance bug where we were re-running the interactive zsh configs for every command execution causing a notable slowdown in performance.

  • Bug fix: fixed slow zsh command performance and overeager zsh re-initialization
  • Bug fix: fixed ssh config import

v0.6.1 - 01/31/2024

  • Tab/workspace indicators now show if commands are running
  • Keybindings fixes for international keyboards and linux. Keybindings now use the same letter key on non-US keyboards. MacOS keybindings that use the “Cmd” key now map to “Alt” (instead of the “Windows” key) on Linux and Windows.
  • Restart Command — use the restart icon, or Cmd-R to restart the selected command. Restarted commands run with the same directory and environment as when they were first launched.
  • Cmd-Shift-R will always restart the most recent command in the tab (no matter which command is selected).
  • Can use the mouse to resize and collapse the left sidebar.
  • Other bug fixes and improvements

v0.6.0 - 01/23/2024

  • zsh support
  • Bug fix: International Characters (and emojis!) now display properly in the terminal and when using AI features. github #88 github #190
  • ChatGPT help with writing commands, use Ctrl-Space from the command prompt.
  • Cmd-P tab switcher. Quickly switch to tabs and workspaces by name (like VSCode’s Cmd-P file switcher)
  • Zoom - use Cmd +/- to zoom UI in and out (for smaller or larger monitors)
  • Clickable Links in Terminal Output (hold Cmd while clicking)
  • Tab Indicators - gray/green/red indicator lights show on tabs when running commands have additional output (gray), complete successfully (green), or fail (red).
  • Import button added to the Connections Screen to quickly add connections to hosts defined in your .ssh/config file.
  • Cmd-D keyboard shortcut to delete the selected command block (also added a trash icon to allow deletion using the mouse)
  • Cmd-W keyboard shortcut to close a tab github #181
  • Settings is now its own main screen (no longer in a modal)
  • A popup now informs users that waveshell (aka mshell) will be installed on remote machines when adding Wave connections
  • Allow dots and underscores in connection aliases, allow backslash in ssh usernames, and allow multiple connections to the same machine if they are using different ports.
  • Big update to screen/command deletion and history to make it more intuitive. Clearing or deleting a tab, or deleting a command block no longer removes the affected commands from history.
  • New UI for open-source license acknowledgements
  • Bug fix: Escape should now close modals and screens
  • Bug fix: fixed issue with new connection login screens “flashing” making it impossible to login using passwords and OTPs for certain users github #213
  • Bug fix: quote paths to go backends to allow install paths with spaces or special characters
  • More useful “Disconnected” Modal that shows the last 50 lines of wavesrv.log for easier error reporting
  • Other bug fixes and performance improvements github #188
  • Dropped support for linux-arm64 (still supported as a remote connection, but not for the Wave Terminal desktop app)

Note: if you get errors while using zsh, please report them on github or in our Discord. To switch shells in an already open tab run: reset shell=bash or reset shell=zsh. To reload your rc/init files after editing them (to to just reset your terminal state) run reset.

v0.5.3 - 12/21/2023

  • Minor release, fixes workspace deletion bug github #174

v0.5.2 - 12/18/2023

  • ChatGPT Support - run /chat [question] in your terminal to get quick answers to questions right inline in your terminal
  • Drag and drop tabs to reorder them within a workspace
  • Experimental sidebar support: move any command to the sidebar by clicking the right arrow icon.
  • Run commands directly in the sidebar by prefixing them with [sidebar=1] ...
  • Automatic update checking: Wave now pings the github releases page to see if there is a newer build available
  • Always show new tab ”+” icon even when there are a large number of tabs open
  • Improvement: allow users to override OpenAI baseurl github #133
  • Bug fix: ssh keys with passphrases should now work properly github #128
  • Bug fix: allow ’@’ signs in ssh user names github #127
  • Bug fix: ignore spurious ssh output when connecting github #99
  • Bug fix: use user configured bash shell on MacOS github #137
  • Bug fix: fix rtnstate detection for complex commands and conda github #163
  • Bug fix: fix the ability to change the port number of a new connection on certain keyboards github #162
  • Other minor UI improvements and bug fixes

v0.5.1 - 12/5/2023

  • Big update to Connections UI (Connections Screen)
  • Connections: move delete and reinstall to connections modal
  • Filter tab for only running commands, clear will not remove running commands
  • Set tab icon in tab settings (allow any icon to be set via the CLI interface)
  • Fix Linux WaveTerm icon
  • Link TOS in Welcome Modal
  • New modals system to manage popup windows
  • Static wavesrv/waveshell binaries (fixes glibc dependency issue for older Linux distros)
  • Ctrl-Shift-V and Ctrl-Shift-C now work to copy/paste in the terminal
  • Allow terminal font sizes up to 24px (to support higher density screens)
  • Load lines and commands much faster when switching tabs
  • Bug fix: username regex for connections (allow dots and underscores)
  • Bug fix: Ctrl-w functionality when deleting first word
  • Bug fix: Fix nvm, asdf, venv (automatically set rtnstate)
  • Other bug fixes, UI cleanup, and minor features

v0.5.0 - 11/10/2023 (WaveTerm)

  • Wave Terminal — New UI, new brand, new website, new docs!
  • Open Source (Apache 2.0)
  • MacOS Universal Build
  • Linux Builds
  • Big updates to code structure (new mono-repo)
  • Simplifications to build process, webpack scripts
  • New Tab Screen to help initial tab setup
  • Customize your tabs with new tab icons
  • New “Add Connection” Screen
  • New Onboarding Popup, gives access to set telemetry settings
  • Updated and simplified History UI
  • Removed bookmarks feature (will return in future release)
  • Updated CodeEdit “close” functionality to no longer display the file
  • Improved command completion to include bare slash commands
  • Lots of UI cleanup, new controls, fonts, etc. New “About Wave” modal
  • Lots of bug fixes and other minor features

v0.4.0 - 10/14/2023

  • New UI!
  • csvview for viewing CSV files. Columns are sortable.
  • Other bug fixes

v0.3.1 - 9/18/2023

  • codeedit now has an inline markdown preview! In codeedit (when language is set to “markdown”), you can click the “preview” button or Cmd-P to open a live markdown preview pane.
  • imageview for viewing image files: imageview [filename]
  • mdview for viewing markdown files: mdview [filename]
  • Improved terminal rendering performance
  • Improved status icons for showing commands that were successful (exitcode=0), and which are still running
  • Improved error messages for renderers
  • Removed WebSharing functionality (will be back in a future release)
  • Experimental: mustache template renderer. Can combine a mustache template with JSON output to render inline HTML [view=mustache template=test.mustache] cat data.json
  • Bug fix: codeedit now gets focus when run. Can also use the standard Cmd-L to give it focus when it is the selected line.
  • Bug fix: external links now open in the standard web browser (not in a Prompt window)
  • Bug fix: font sizes are more consistent (and linked to the user selected “Terminal Font Size” setting)
  • Other bug fixes

v0.3.0 - 9/8/2023

  • codeedit for inline editing of local and remote files
  • codeview for viewing text files with syntax highlighting and code folding (replaces JSON viewer)
  • Other bug fixes

v0.2.2 - 4/17/2023

  • Add “json” renderer (react-json-view)
  • Update tab display colors, fix some minor tab layout issues
  • Update line and session settings modals to update immediately
  • Added buttons to delete sessions and screens in their settings windows
  • Fix width of markdown (default column was set too small)
  • Can now use “view” parameter to specify the renderer
  • Fixed bug related to large environments
  • Other bug fixes

v0.2.1 - 4/11/2023

  • Show current git branch in prompt
  • Show current python virtual environment (venv) in prompt
  • Alias “connect” to “cr”
  • Fix input focus when switching between sessions and tabs (more consistent)
  • Expanded mode for input when editing long or multi-line commands (Cmd-E)
  • Shift + up/down arrow does not move history (moves cursor in input)
  • Simplify input/command focus model and updates, more consistent input focus
  • Other bug fixes

v0.2.0 - 4/5/2023

  • Web Sharing - Quickly share a tab on the web with a secure URL
  • Redesigned connection management screens/settings
  • Updated settings screens
  • Alert/confirm popups for dangerous actions
  • Added Ctrl-Command-[Num] shortcut to switch between sessions
  • Added bindings for Ctrl-N and Ctrl-P (up/down in history)
  • Lots of UI refactoring to allow display of terminal tabs on the web
  • Fix metacmd behavior when resolving numeric IDs that are out of range
  • DB reorganization, screens are now independent of sessions (including lines and commands)
  • Big performance improvements for rendering when a screen contains thousands of commands
  • Other bug fixes and performance improvements

v0.1.7 - 3/20/2023

  • Renderers - added a plugin framework for line renderers, added “image” and “markdown” renderers
  • Add settings modals (UI) for sessions, screens, and lines
  • Show some keybinding hints
  • Fix readline bindings for Ctrl-U, Ctrl-W, and Ctrl-Y
  • Bug fix: remotes were always using port 22, not the configured remote SSH port
  • DB reorganization, remove windows, consolidate to screens
  • More orderly local-server shutdown
  • Backup local DB before running DB migrations
  • Fix alert/modal window styling
  • Fix paste limit into command windows
  • Other bug fixes and performance improvements

v0.1.6 - 3/6/2023

  • History View - shows all commands with advanced search and inline viewing of command output
  • Bug fixes

v0.1.5 - 2/27/2023

  • Collapsed view for screens (just show commands)
  • Can change the terminal font size
  • Toggle to show the full command when it gets cut off or is multi-line

v0.1.4 - 2/23/2023

  • Bookmarks - easily save and recall commands
  • Big performance improvement for screens with hundreds/thousands of blocks
  • Fix terrible scroll bar display for when MacOS is set to “always show scrollbars”
  • Updates to detect and show full MacOS version, and Prompt build times for debugging


  • Fixes for connection window (interactive input)
  • Customize application menus
  • Save terminal rendered height, big performance improvement
  • Bare [enter] in input will now scroll to the last block in window
  • Update ports to 1619 and 1623 to not conflict with common dev ports
  • /screen:reset resets all remotes for screen/window


  • Fixed crash when purging lines
  • New application icon


  • Bug fixes
  • Block rendering performance improvements
  • Added basic telemetry


Initial Release